New Cherry Kitchen Remodel

This beautiful kitchen started out with some very ugly outdated Oak Cabinets.  This home is in the Country Club Area of Clive.  Nu-Life Cabinets have done several projects for this family and extended family.  We first started our relationship with these clients because we did work for their parents.  We then did work for Darin and Laura and later some more work for her grandma.   This kitchen was an all new cabinet project with a custom island.  The island was a challenge to make it fit the odd design of the walls in the home. We needed to be able to set their family around the island.  To be able to accommodate this unique situation, we had to weld a special support to hold the granite counter top and still have the ability to provide seating.  We installed LED lights in the upper section behind the glass doors and can lights and pendent lights were installed with a whole house control system.  I always love a challenging project and this one was fun to design to achieve an absolutely gorgeous kitchen, while making it very functional.  We make sure to take the time to work with each home owner to help them build their beautiful kitchen that they will want to show off to friends and family, while also making plans for how every bit of the kitchen functions on a daily basis.   We would love to help you design your kitchen that will bring value and beauty to your home and also be enjoyable to use.  We see too many kitchens that were not well thought out or not well planned in how the homeowner would use their kitchen on a daily basis.  This leads to frustration and a huge waste of money.   Call us and let us help you make the most out of your home.