Buckley Reface

Cabinet Refacing is a great way to get the new kitchen you want while saving thousands of dollars.  Nu-Life Cabinets is the premiere Cabinet Refacing Company.  We started in 1974 and are the only company in Iowa that can do what we do.   We have a full manufacturing and finishing facility that allows us to do any color, any design, and any style in a kitchen or bathroom refacing project.   We are always excited to bring our special techniques and exclusive refacing process to your home.   We have developed a refacing process that is not a cheap get you buy for a couple of years product.  We have a product that has been tried, tested and improved since we started in 1974.  We are excited that we get to partner with home owners to turn their kitchen or bath into something that they love.  We have an organized system which makes these hard and difficult decisions into something that seems easy and creates results that are nothing short of amazing.

This kitchen we took from an ugly painted black cabinet and turned it into a white cabinet that will last for years.  Many of the popular tv shows make painted cabinets sound like they were just invented in the last few years.  We at Nu-Life Cabinets have been refacing these kitchens that people and professionals have painted that just don’t hold up because that is not what paint was designed for.   The doors get all grubby, dirty and stained around the areas that you use them all the time.  Soon within a couple of years they start to chip around all the openings and on the edges of the doors.  This is why we see that many cabinets that we reface have 4, 6, and 10 coats of paint on them. Because, every couple of years a fresh coat had to be added to make it look good again.  Yuck, what a waste of time and money.  We use  a high end finish that is made for cabinets and for the daily use and abuse that kitchens take over the years.   We would be excited to show you what we could do for your kitchen or your bath.