Grinnell – Reface

Steve quickly became a great friend of ours.  We have served Steve on many projects and it is always enjoyable working with him.  This project was for his personal home.  He had an outdated kitchen with a weird layout.   We worked with him to make a half reface and half new cabinet project.  Steve removed all the bulk heads and we changed the layout.  If you look in the first before photo you will see that the kitchen cabinets do this weird thing by coming out into the middle of the room.  We removed those cabinets and instead made them run below the window and around to the garage door.  This portion was the new and the other portion around the sink and on that side were the old cabinets refaced.   As you can see you will not be able to see the difference between the old cabinets and the new cabinets.  This kitchen also has a mix of granite counter top on the island, and a laminate counter top with an under-mount stainless steel sink.   Many people do not realize that you can put some amazing under-mount sinks into a laminate counter top and the new colors that are available today even beat what Steve and his wife had for options.  The colors today are absolutely amazing in looking like a granite or quartz countertop but at a significant savings.  You can under-mount sinks into the laminate counter tops and it looks like you spent three times as much for a quartz countertop.  If you would like to look at the options of under-mount sinks for laminate countertops,  jump over to and look at all the options.

Steve and his wife are loving this kitchen so much that she told her best friend from high school!   On that project we ended up remodeling their whole house,  all new trim, new cabinets, new interior doors, new fireplace and mantle, new appliances, new flooring, new tile, new carpet, new railings, new custom master bath and walk-in shower.  It was an absolutely fun and amazing project.  Well that story is for another day and another time, we look forward to talking to you soon!