Modern Gray

This kitchen was a fun remodel for a great friend in Oskaloosa Iowa.  Every remodel is fun because we get the opportunity to take a home, a kitchen, or a bathroom and turn it into something that will serve the family well for years to come.   We enjoy making their home into something that they just absolutely love.   This is a modern gray kitchen, gray kitchens can be difficult to get to the right shade for the home.  It is easy for a gray to turn blue, or green.  This gray is an awesome gray that we have used on many kitchens because it stays a true gray without the blue or the green.  This kitchen is modern, but it is also made and designed in such a way that it will be in style for years to come.   The story behind the kitchen is also what made it special to us.  We’ve known Isaac for many years and he found a wonderful lady (Jessi) and they joined their lives together and were making this home into something that they both loved and would enjoy.  They have a wonderful family with some great kids and I can only imagine the memories that will be made around this island.   The conversations, the meals, and the many holidays that will create a special time for all involved.   Thank You Isaac and Jessi for trusting us with your home.