Ed & Sharon Master Bath

This bathroom project was an interesting project.  We were taking a hall bathroom that you barely had enough room to turn around in and we tore out a wall that went into the master bath.  The end result was  we took three very small areas and turned them into a beautiful master bath that tied into their walk-in closet.  We took something that did not function well and turned it into an oasis for this couple.  The focal point of this bathroom is this beautiful piece of glass that is made to diffract light and to bend light.  This absolutely amazing piece of art work is absolutely gorgeous.  When Sharon came to me and told me she found a piece of glass in a hotel and she just had to have it, we started to track down the glass, the manufacturer and supplier.  It is amazing because depending upon the light and the direction you are standing in the room, it changes and creates images that are really awesome.

We started with nothing and built this oasis of a master suite.  It houses an amazing custom shower with a custom vanity to maximize the storage.  What you don’t see in these pictures is the linen closet tucked on the end of the shower right before they walk into their walk-in closet.  This allows them to have everything conveniently within a few steps of their master bedroom.    Since this project we have also built in their home a custom kitchen that was just as beautiful and unique as this bathroom.  Thank you Ed and Sharon for the opportunity to serve you both times and to be a part of making your home into something that you absolutely love.