Reface – Countertop – Tile

This is a great visual of a Before and After of what we get to do every week.  We get to take a kitchen that is ugly and outdated, kitchens that people are just ready to have something that functions better and looks better.   We gave this kitchen a Reface with few new cabinets!  We also removed the old tile and installed a new granite counter top.    If you will look carefully at the before and after photos, we removed two cabinets to the right of the stove and installed two new cabinets next to the microwave hood to give it an updated look.   We also put a new cabinet in place of the wreath on the wall that sets to the right of the window, and put in the new glass cabinet with a reeded glass so you cannot see everything inside of the cabinet.   We also extended the back side of the counter top for seating and we put this slight bow in the counter top that just gives it a touch of uniqueness compared to just a straight back on the peninsula.

This project was fun because not only did we make this kitchen way more functional, but it also turned out absolutely gorgeous.  We would love to help update your kitchen and turn it into something that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family.  We look forward to talking to you soon.