Walker- New Kitchen

This was a huge project and was absolutely a very challenging and difficult project.  This project had so many moving parts.  Due to the way the house was built it made this one a fun but difficult project.  The home owners in this project knew how difficult their house was and I am thankful they had enough faith in us to be able to trust us to get all the pieces together.  This home was built with plaster and wire that was twice as thick as normal.  The ceiling had copper pipes that were plastered into a grid format.   The floor was made of very thick hard concrete that also had copper pipes running through it on a grid also.   This made for some very challenging work as we removed a wall that separated this kitchen into two rooms.

We also had to cut in a door way through these walls and with brick on the outside of the home.   This door that you see in the pictures allowed them to get to a covered porch that had a hot tub on it, instead of going all the way around the house to get to this covered porch.  This door also went out to the pool in the back yard.  This doorway really enhanced the functionality of this home and for their families use.

We had to bring in some imaging equipment to find the copper lines that act as part of the heating system.  The home owner wanted an island in the kitchen. To achieve this, we needed to get the lighting just right and had to make sure there was electricity to the island for the microwave and stove top. We needed to do this without disturbing the heat system.  The challenge was on, but we accomplished it!  The island now serves as the central part of the kitchen.  For the first time now, this whole family can be together in the kitchen and can really spend some great quality time together.

This Kitchen remodel with all new cabinets serves as a kitchen and family hub.  It has the hutch for entertaining and putting their speciality glasses and servings in.   To the opposite side of the hutch serves as the brains of the whole house.  The home owner had us build in a stand up office, computer, filing, printing, and time management system in the cabinets opposite of the hutch.  This allows her to be able to keep on top of everything that her busy family is involved with and for it to be in quick reach of the kitchen.

We thoroughly enjoyed changing how this whole house functioned and also the beauty that it brought to their home.  This kitchen was built to entertain and also to bring the busy family back together every day.  So much laughter, memories and building connections will be made in this kitchen and in this home.  THANK YOU Mr & Mrs. Walker for the opportunity to be a small part of your families future success.